About Dr. Stagg

Dr. Jennifer Stagg is a practicing naturopathic physician and is the founder and medical director of Whole Health Wellness Center in Connecticut. Dr. Stagg is also the author of Unzip Your Genes and is routinely interviewed and appears as an expert guest in the media on the topic of nutrigenomics. She has always been passionate about science and health and started out as a doctoral student in Biochemistry at the University of Iowa. Dr. Stagg is the former director of the USDA - Agricultural Research Service Medicinal Botanical Program at Mountain State University. She also serves on medical advisory boards and is an industry consultant. Dr. Stagg is a well-known authority in precision lifestyle medicine, a medical educator and sought after speaker and has appeared on NBC, ABC, CBS and FOX.


Clinic visits

If you are interested in seeing Dr. Stagg in person at her office in Avon, CT, then please click the "Make an Appointment" button on the top of the page and request a "new patient clinic visit" in the comments section. Dr. Stagg can then act in the capacity of your doctor, ordering diagnostic tests, diagnosing and treating illnesses.

Telehealth Visits

If you cannot travel to see Dr. Stagg in person, depending on where you live, you may still work with her. In this case, there is no doctor-patient relationship established. This is referred to as tele-health and Dr. Stagg will work as your health coach. She will not order tests or diagnose or treat illnesses. If you are interested in more information about tele-health, click the "Make an Appointment" button on the top of this page, and request information about tele-health in the comments section.

Genomic Testing

The genetic testing referred to in "Unzip Your Genes" and Dr. Stagg's media appearances can be obtained through Dr. Stagg's office. If you are a current patient of Dr. Stagg, she will order the test for you from her practice in CT at a reduced cost of $259. The test is normally $299. The test results will be sent to Dr. Stagg's office and you will review the results with her at your next office visit.

If you are not an established patient of Dr. Stagg, she can arrange for you to obtain the test at the same reduced cost of $259. Please contact her office through the "Make an Appointment" button or by calling 860-674-0111 and requesting the "Pathway Test". You will be provided with a special link to obtain the test which will be shipped directly to you from the laboratory company. Your results will be sent directly to you. It is always recommended that you then review your results with a health care provider skilled in interpreting the test. You may elect to use Dr. Stagg for this purpose. This would be considered a tele-health visit.

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