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From a young age I had always been interested in science, I wanted to understand exactly how things worked, at a deeper level. I was even made fun of for asking, “Why? Why? Why?” Many years later, as I was choosing my career, that desire stuck with me. One of the basic principles of naturopathic medicine is understanding the root cause of illness, or the ‘why’ behind the dysfunction or disease process. When patients come to me they are looking for answers, they want to know why they feel the way they do. As we work together to uncover the underlying causes of their illness, I will also find that some people aren't healing very quickly and that can be very frustrating, leading them to give up. In our society, we always want a quick fix. Most of us recognize that it’s not always that simple…or is it? As I gained more clinical experience through the years, treating thousand of patients, while continuing to keep up on the developments in genetics and epigenetics, it became clear to me that it was more important to focus on methods that promoted health, instead of only focusing on treating diseases and dysfunction. Relatively recent discoveries of ‘resilience genes’ and patterns of gene expression that are impacted by how you live, encouraged me to stick to the foundations of naturopathic medicine, emphasizing the building blocks for health. You see, the colloquial sayings ‘you are what you eat’ and “your health is a reflection of how you live” are being proven true by modern science. In medical school, we were taught to identify ‘obstacles to cure’ in patients which would thereby allow more rapid healing. Someone who is recovering from surgery who is malnourished will not heal as well as someone who has a higher level of nutrient status.

There are six main categories that I refer to that tend to reveal the reasons why people fall ill:

  1. nutrition
  2. toxicity
  3. stress
  4. sleep
  5. mood/mindset
  6. activity

My first career path as biochemist set the framework for my current work so, of course, I continued to do my own research to determine why these factors impact our health…and I discovered that they all affect our DNA. And there it is, like discovering the holy grail, this is the secret to good health. Following a lifestyle that promotes healthy DNA expression is the key to a long health span. And most exciting for me, with my passion for nutrition, is looking back at some of the traditional ways of eating which provides me with many clues as to why our grandparents generation didn’t suffer from the levels of illness we see starting so early in life for us. That’s where I have, and continue to, find the diverse bioactive rich bitter foods (part of The Bitter Prescription) I love to share with you, as well as ways to buffer the effects of modern living, while enjoying the benefits of advances in our culture and technology. So, if you are ready to return to sensible living and dig a little deeper to remove these obstacles to your health, please join me as I analyze the science and translate it into actionable steps that can help you live a radically, radiant life. I invite you to follow me on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and sign up here on my website to receive exclusive content from me.

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