Turkey Veggie Platter


Red leaf lettuce


Celery (stems peeled)

Bell peppers (red, orange and yellow)


Grape tomatoes


1 yellow summer squash

2 Chocolate chips or cloves (eyes)



On a large platter, lay down a border of red leaf lettuce.

Top lettuce with celery sticks and asparagus spears. Use two celery tops for the turkey’s feet.

Add a ring of carrot sticks closer to the center of the platter and fill in the middle with tomatoes.

Top with slices of multi-colored bell peppers on top half of circle, and sliced, unpeeled cucumbers to the bottom. Bury a yellow summer squash, under there cucumbers for the turkey’s head and neck, adding a small piece of red pepper for the turkey’s wattle and chocolate chips or cloves for eyes.

Serve with your favorite veggie dip like hummus, pesto, red pepper or artichoke and spinach dip.


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